Friday, April 25, 2008

Records for sale!

Details on the Greater Columbia Record Fair

It’s time to kick out the jams!

At…The Greater Columbia Record Fair

Get your rocks off and your kicks on! Yes, Cats and Kittens it’s time to explore that side of yourself that begs you for more. It’s time for The Greater Columbia Record Fair.
On May 4 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Hunter Gatherer will host this free mega musical event.  Every genre and voice will be represented, every beat and rhythm played, from rare and hard to find LP’s and 45’s to the modern day CD. As Matt Bradley of “Sindoolah!” puts it “This will be an inclusive event were everyone can find something they are looking for.”
Local Record stores like Papa Jazz and Acme Comics along with Asheville’s Harvest Records will be among the many vendors ready to show you some good music. Also private vendors and long time connoisseurs like Chris Bickel, Atlanta’s Brian Poust and possibly Greg Cartwright of Asheville’s Reigning Sound will be setting up tables (and with the years these guys have been collecting, they are sure to have music that will knock you off your ass).
Hunter Gatherer will be serving up libations and The Greater Columbia Society for the Preservation of Soul will have turntables set up providing music for the masses.
Still aching for more? Well then get yourself over to The Whig for a post spinning party and an opportunity to drink in those awesome tunes you just bought up! You can also drink in a few delicious adult beverages as well.
As icing on the cake, Saturday May 3 The Whig will also be playing host to a pre-spinning party, “with some heavy records being spun by Asheville’s finest - DR. Filth, Greg Cartwright, Famous Rob. Nasty Soul, Funk, Garage, and Psych the likes of which Columbia has never seen.” Don’t worry about the hangover, remember Sunday morning Hunter Gatherer will be serving up the hair of the dog.
So come on out, knock back a couple of shots and show your support to the local record scene while snatching up some of those most lusted after records you have been wanting for years. Your ears will thank you.

For more info on this outstanding event visit email  Ed. Note: We support local even if you don’t!

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